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Have fun, socialize, and grow in your love for dance!

Acrobatics: Safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering, and tumbling.

Aerial Silks: Learn creative dance expressions through this fun and exhilarating style on hanging fabric, like aerialists of Cirque du Soleil. Students will build strength and flexibility, learn technique and safety, along with breath-taking skills on this beautiful apparatus. Silks are used to climb, wrap, swing, and more.

Baby Ballet: 30-minute first dance class without parent for ages 2-3 (diapers ok), focuses on balance, motor skills, musicality, manners, & first positions. Balance beam, trampoline, tambourines, and other props utilized.

Ballet/Tap: 45-minute class split between tap and ballet; ages 3.5-6, potty trained.

Ballet/Tap/Acro: 60-minute class split between tap/ballet/acrobatics (balance beam, trampoline, rolls). Ballet encourages discipline; tap/acrobatics add the fun; ages 3.5-6, potty trained.

Ballet/Tap/Baton: 60-minute class split between tap/ballet/baton twirling. Ballet encourages discipline; tap/baton add the fun; ages 3.5-6, potty trained.

Ballet: Classical training in Cecchetti, Vaganova, and French Schools of Ballet. Focuses on proper technique, reinforcing correct muscle memory. Achieve coordination, memorization, musicality, proper alignment, strength, and flexibility. Class begins with barre and progresses to center exercises. Levels increase in difficulty, mastering skills, building on prior level.

Baton Twirling: Sport for all with beauty and style! Learn how to twirl a baton, along with dance, grace, and poise. Learn fundamentals, agility, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. Levels increase in difficulty, mastering skills, building on prior level.

Jazz Technique: Prepares students for high school drill team tryout; terminology, conditioning, strength, kick technique, and jazz combinations. Introduces a variety of leaps & turns necessary for dance, drill team, and baton, with emphasis on proper technique. Learn method and mechanics to become a stronger dancer. Correct alignment and strength are a must for the drill team.

Jazz: Can include Broadway, Street Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical. Emphasis is on energy, personality, rhythmic isolation, and style. Levels increase in difficulty, mastering skills, building on prior level.

Lyrical: Strives to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movement to song lyrics. This class is good for beginner to advanced dancers.

Pre-Pointe: Prepares student to study pointe, emphasis on strengthening legs, ankles, and feet. Learn how to properly affix and tie pointe shoe ribbons, as well as foot care. Students remain in pre-pointe until formally advanced to study en pointe.

Tap: Add style, rhythm, musicality, and sound to your child’s dance education. Students learn Broadway and Rhythm Tap, plus coordination and balance while increasing strength and flexibility of ankles and knees. Levels increase in difficulty, developing faster and more intricate movements, building on prior level.

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