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The Thirty-Year Tour Recital 2024

Get ready for an unforgettable evening at the Thirty-Year Tour Recital 2024! Join us on May 25th at the Klein High School Theater for an incredible showcase of talent. Find all the details regarding tickets, costumes, hair/makeup, Dads Dance, picture schedule, dress rehearsal, flowers, commemorative bear and more!


You can't go wrong with beautiful flowers! Pre-order recital presentation bouquets here by May 20.

Presentation bouquet of 3 roses in vase - 15.00/vase

Presentation bouquet of 6 roses in vase - 25.00/vase

Presentation bouquet of 12 roses in vase - 45.00/vase

Dads Dance

Dance choreographed just for dads, grandpas, etc. It is truly a recital highlight. Monday rehearsals: May 6 & 13 7:00 – 8:00pm at VM and Friday, May 24 7:15 – 7:30pm at Klein HS. Dads will perform in both shows.

Attire: Hawaiian shirt, blue jeans, tennis shoes, and sunglasses.

Picture Schedule

Pictures will take place Saturday, May 18 – Wednesday, May 22 (see schedule). Attendance is required for class photos. Scheduled pictures take the place of normal classes. Arrive a few minutes early dressed and ready to go. Minimal makeup. Remember pictures are close-up, so less is more!

Dress Rehearsal

MUST attend dress rehearsal at Klein High School on Friday, May 24 to perform on recital day. Dress Rehearsal is closed to spectators. Only dancers and class moms are allowed in the theater during rehearsal. Costume, hair, and makeup required. Rehearsal allows students to become familiar with the stage and get comfortable with the performance. Music cues, costume changes, and other logistics for a successful performance are rehearsed, so students can do their best.

Baby Ballet

No dress rehearsal. No drop off. One parent will sit in the front row with child for entire show. Instructor will gather dancers at performance time. Family & friends should locate assigned seats. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Rehearsal/Recital Day

Students must arrive 20 minutes early in costume with old socks pulled over dance shoes. VM staff and volunteers are not responsible for unnecessary items. Students in a single dance should arrive ready to go with no additional items or dance bag. Students in more than one dance should arrive in first costume and bring a garment bag with other costumes & accessories. 


Klein High School is located at 16715 Stuebner Airline Rd. Park at the main entrance on Stuebner Airline Rd. The theatre will be on your right when you walk into the school. Our staff/volunteer will receive your child and supervise the entire time. Dancers will be picked up from class mom in lobby for dress rehearsal and at front of stage at the conclusion of recital. A parent must sign in/out child at drop off/pickup.

Performance Orders

30 Year Tour Recital 2024 will consist of two shows on Saturday, May 25, 2024 at Klein High School Theater. Show 1 will take place at 9:00 am and Show 2 will take place at 10:30 am. Please see performance orders to confirm which show your child is in and what time their rehearsal will take place.


Label bags, costumes, accessories, tights, & shoes. Keep costume in garment bag with accessories. Gather costumes, tights, accessories, shoes, and makeup in advance to determine if something is missing.  Press/steam/fluff costume prior to recital. Tights must be purchased from VM in color specified (do not wash or wear prior). We recommend new ballet shoes or clean current ones. Also, check that tan tap shoes look picture perfect and stage ready. Remove jewelry, nail polish, stamps, and tattoos. 

Please see our costume/hair/makeup guide, personalized for each class.

Recital Etiquette

Remain in your seat (quiet and courteous) and plan to stay for the entire recital. No food or drink. Remove crying/misbehaving children quickly. Please take programs, flowers, tissues, etc. with you at the end.


Recording devices/phones/cameras strictly prohibited during recital. NO flash photography!


Pre-sale only, $12 each, reserved seating.

  • Tickets will be issued based on the number of consecutive years at the studio.

  • Tickets will be handed out during picture week.

  • No ticket required for lap children, performers, class moms, or backstage assistant (if your child has multiple dances in the same show, mom is required to be backstage with them).

  • If your child is in both shows, buy for one show only. You will automatically receive two sets of tickets.

  • We will seat your family together, try to meet special needs, and do our best to accommodate late orders. Limited seating by wheelchair spaces; only one family member seated with wheelchair.

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